WETTBEWERB um den schönsten gemalten Schmuck im Malbuch

Alle Kinder können an unserem Wettbewerb um den schönsten gemalten Schmuck im Malbuch teilnehmen. Die Kinder sollten in unser Malbuch den originalen Schmuck laut ihrer Fantasie malen. Dabei können den Kindern Eltern, Omas, Opas oder z.B. Frau Lehrerinnen helfen. Den Schmuck schneiden Sie dann aus und schicken ihn an die Adresse des Weihnachtshauses. Vor Weihnachten wählen wir von den gelieferten Bildern die schönsten und machen mit ihnen eine Ausstellung im Weihnachtshaus.

- Präsentation von vielen Kindechors und Kindern aus den Kindergärten…


What do we offer for children

Are you impatiently looking forward to the Christmas Eve, when the bell rings and you go to the Christmas tree? Come to us to shorten the endless waiting and to enjoy the fairytale feeling. Prepare for Christmas with us in the Christmas house.

Do you love fairytales? You can live one fairytale with us. In the Christmas house there it looks like in the fairytale world. Thousands of the shiny lights, lots of decorations, giant Christmas tree and presents of course… We lead you through all nooks of the Christmas house and we tell you something about traditions that are connected with the Christmas.

You will be informed what people make or made by us in the Czech Republic, but we peep together into the other countries. In the Christmas house there you can produce your own decorations that you hand then at home or you can present them to your mother or grandmother.

In our workroom there we prepared wood decorations for you that you can paint. You produce that way your own, fully original decorations that nobody else has. And if you are interested in it which decoration were used from your great-grandmothers , then you can go with us in the mystical cellar where we show you, how the Christmas were celebrated earlier. There is museum with lots of Christmas history.

And Christmas cannot be without carols. Do you have any idea? It doesn´t matter. We spare your though and help you. We wrote the texts of carols up the walls on the court. And if you put on music by pressing of button, you can sing promptly.

Then you will be certainly hungry and a little bit tired… Don´t you worry, we thought of it. Come to us to the Angel´s café to consume eat up the excellent Christmas cake and to warm up your stomach with hot chocolate or sweet cocoa. You will leave the Christmas house not only with the full stomach, but with lots of amazing experiences too.

Farewell you can buy the original painting book with the motives of the Christmas house. This book sweetens you the time of waiting for Father Christmas and at the same time you can reminisce about the amazing experiences from the visit of the Christmas house.