Christmas museum

We prepared for you beautiful museum Christmas exposition, which you can find in the absolutely unique room of 650 years old cellar. In this original cellar there you can feel the ancient, magical feeling and you can take a view of Christmas history there. Get to know the tradition of Christmas and the progress of it. We prepared for you the collection of Christmas cribs, decorations, cards, tree-stands and lots of historical things that are connected with Christmas.

Magical city

Not only children will be fascinated with the magical city, which was built in the Christmas house and which looks like the true. Very nice decorated houses, imposing churches, shiny streetlights, ice pool with doffing children, dancing pairs, merriment on the carousels… The beautiful scene of people, who have fun and who enjoy the beautiful Christmas feeling. The city is cruised through the fully functional railway, where the locomotive with lots of wagons is running about. The railway together with the train was delivered thanks to the cooperation with the company Merkur Toys.