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Do you love the nice pre-Christmas feeling, smell of Christmas biscuits, mull, purpura, scented candles, beauty of glittering decoration, looking forward to the Father Christmas and pleasure of presents? Visit us in our Christmas house and enjoy with us the Christmas feeling whenever you will.

Christmas feeling during the whole year

The Christmas house is situated in the Karslbad castle Doubí, which dwarfs over the river Ohře. Led by the whole-hearted lover of Christmas, which realizes here her dream, the unique Christmas exhibition was opened here. The Christmas house is opened during the whole year and it makes possible to visitors to reminisce about Christmas and enjoy the Christmas feeling whenever they will. In the winter season the visit of the Christmas house is ideal place for relaxation, running away of Christmas mania and omnipresent stress.

Fascinating decoration and own Christmas CD

After the passage through the gate to the court of castle there can you see Christmas crib and at a time you are in the other, beautiful Christmas world. Even if it is summer, inside the castle there you can smell the Christmas biscuits smell and all is decorated very nice and Christmas. You can admire here the 8 meters high Christmas tree with 6480 lights that shine your sight, by hand painted decorations, smiling snowmen, sweet angels, guttering lights and lighted candles. The smell of Christmas biscuits and typical Christmas spices mixes here with the smell of purpura and you can listen here to the slow, composed music. And just music is one of the key elements how to sweeten the beautiful feeling to the visitors and that is why the Christmas house prepares its own Christmas CD, which you can buy here.

Inspiration for decoration and presents

The exhibition in the Christmas house in Karlsbad is selling, so you can enjoy here not only the great Christmas feeling and reminisce about your childhood, but you can buy here any decoration or original presents for your friends too. Herewith you can find inspiration for production of your own Christmas decoration here. Find the inspiration in the various color parts of the Christmas house that are harmonized to the popular Christmas colors. If you are not sure, which decoration is the right for your home, you can use the consultancy with the operator of the Christmas house, which help you willingly. She has lots of experiences with the realization of the Christmas decoration, not only in the Christmas house, but in lots of hotels and shops too, so you will be in the right hands.

We are thinking of children world too

The children come into their own in the special Christmas village with the trains Merkur Toys – you can read more in News.

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